Instructions for using the Price Markdown Application on your Mobile Device

  • Pre-load a list of items in the following order (this list can be loaded via a tab delimited text file, or using TracerPlus Connect). TracerPlus Connect Users Click Here to download a sample workbook meant for use with this project.
    • a. Item Number
      b. Description
      c. List Price
  • Open TracerPlus and enter the Price Markdown Session.
  • Scan or enter an item number, this will lookup the description and current list price.
  • Enter the percentage discount you would like to offer and press enter. This will calculate the discount amount and present you with a Sale Price. (Note: if you are using this session for re-labling you can leave the discount field blank to re-print a label with List Price.)
  • Press Enter to submit the data. This will keep a history of markdowns as well as updating the item list with the last sale price and date of markdown.
  • Repeat above steps for additional Item Markdowns.

  • Printing with this application
    A sample print format called SaleLabel.rpt is included with this project for printing mark down labels. It is designed in the Zebra CPCL command language and can be used with most Zebra mobile and desktop printers that accept this language. This format is defined for a 2" x 1.25" label but can be modified to fit whatever label size you require. If you do not see this label format in your list of reports it can be downloaded here. See below for information on where this file gets copied.

    Using the provided report file for printing:
  • Open the project in TracerPlus Desktop
  • Navigate to the Price Markdown Session
  • Under Session Settings select the Printer option to display the print settings
  • Place a checkmark in the Enabled checkbox
  • Verify the SaleLabel.rpt is showing as the selected Report
  • Configure your desired Connection Type settings and deploy to your mobile device
  • It should now print a sale label with each markdown scan

  • Note: If you do not see the SaleLabel.rpt file in your list of reports, download the file from the link above and copy it into the My Documents\TracerPlus Desktop\SystemInfo\Printers folder on your PC and restart TracerPlus Desktop.