Instructions for using the Bill of Lading Application on your Mobile Device

1. Pre-load a list of items in the following order (this list can be loaded via a tab delimited text file or through using our TracerPlus Connect software).

    a. Packing Slip #
    b. Location
    c. Item Code
    d. Item Description
    e. Qty Expected

2. Open TracerPlus and select View Data.

3. Scan or Enter the packing slip # you are verifying items against. This will filter the data down to items on this packing slip.

4. Select New to scan your items.

5. Cursor defaults to Item code, scan an item from this packing slip. If found it will display the location, item description and qty expected.

6. You will be taken to the Notes field, enter any applicable notes about the item.

7. Do one of the following actions:

    a. If there is no damage press the Enter key or select "Save Record".
    b. If there is damage select the "Enter Damage Info" button. From here you can enter damage and take photos. When finished hit "Save Record".
    c. If you are finished with all items on this packing slip select "Finished/Take Signature". You will be taken to a page where you can "tap to sign", once the signature is entered it will submit the record to the database.

8. Repeat above steps for additional Items/Packing Slips.